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510 Cartridge Spiral CR Container

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- Size / Volume : 65mm
- Neck : T20/415

Chubby Gorilla’s Spiral® 510-Cartridge Containers are setting a new bar for cartridge packaging. The Spiral® 510-Cartridge Container has the capacity to hold 65 mm in length cartridges in a compact and contemporary styled form factor. The closure of the Spiral® 510-Cartridge Container houses a universal 510 thread holder that holds cartridges in place while the container is in any position giving manufacturers near limitless options at retail for display.

- One Motion Assembly, All-in-one SmartCap
- The 510 Universal Thread holder is integrated to hold cartridges in place in any orientation.
- Smooth HoverGLIDE Rotational Suspension
- 360° Micro Grip Diamond Surface
- Lock-On Tamper Evident Break-off Band
- Gapless Surface-Seal Cap
- Heavy Duty PS container Construction
- Pressure Sealed for Maximum Durability
- CR Compliant Child Resistant Cap