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120CC/4FL.OZ/120ML Aviator CR - Clear Natural With Opaque White Lid

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- Size / Volume : 120CC/4FL.OZ/120ML 
- Color Container : Clear Natural (Transparent) Container 
- Color Lid/Cap : White 
- Neck : T51/400
- Case Qty : 400 

The Aviator CR Container are designed specifically for all kind of products (powders, fluids, candy, cigars, etc...)  unlike others, they feature a heavy duty PS container construction, pressure sealed for maximum durability, our patented CR compliant Child resistant Cap and many more features: 

- One Motion Assembly, All-in-one SmartCap
- Smooth HoverGLIDE Rotational Suspension
- 360° Micro Grip Diamond Surface
- Lock-On Tamper Evident Break-off Band 
- Gapless Surface-Seal Cap
- Heavy Duty PS container Construction
- Pressure Sealed for Maximum Durability 
- CR Compliant Child Resistant Cap